About GIE

About GIE

Welcome to the Global Investment Crypto Exchange (GIE) App, where every effortless transaction promises an opportunity to earn and give back to society simultaneously.

Our core values –

social impact, simplicity, reliability, transparency and inclusion

– define our mission.

Our core values -

simplicityreliabilitysocial responsibilitytransparencyand inclusion

- define our mission.

Social Impact

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Cryptocurrency transactions result in an energy footprint of approximately 150 terawatt-hours annually. We intentionally and exclusively conduct business exclusively with organizations that give back to the community, and commit to modeling the same behavior through consistent donations to our nonprofit partners.


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We have designed our platform based on the belief that every person should have access to the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Our app presents a user-friendly experience for every level of crypto competency without forgoing any vital or relevant feature.


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Our team works around the clock to ensure a seamless experience for our members. Our operating technology is sustainable, resilient, fast, and highly secure, providing a first-of-its-kind wallet and a truly decentralized platform.


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The details of our corporate social responsibility efforts will always be made public, providing information on all active charitable partnerships, and an updated total of dollars donated. We are commited to making a positive impact on our planet and communities, and will model that mission for other organizations every day.


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Our platform was designed to accomodate peer-to-peer interactions, small and large-scale businesses, and everything in between. It can be accessed by any individual, anywhere in the world — our ultimate goal being to provide the entire platform in various languages for a wider global reach.

About the GIE Project

GIE is a decentralized platform operating on a noncustodial digital wallet offering a secure space for all members to have full ownership of their account and finances through a password protected account and security seed phrase.

Traditional views of banking and financial systems are shrinking in the shadows of cryptocurrency. Rather than a physical currency, cryptocurrency relies on digital platforms to buy, sell, or use as a means for investing through a universal value that is not dictated by a central authority, kept secure by innovative technology including blockchain and open-source software.

A fully equitable ecosystem, crypto is accessible to anyone and everyone online.

Cryptocurriencies have demonstrated a successful track record as a global window of opportunity for individuals, groups, and businesses seeking economic freedom. As a result, people living in countries with restrictive fiscal policies and controls over citizen finances can circumvent border restrictions and enjoy free trade. These currencies are building a reputation as a better payment and savings alternative to fiat currencies in countries with high inflation, promising limitless economic opportunities.

Investing with Cryptocurrency

Beyond the foundational economic freedoms within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, individuals, groups, and businesses can maximize crypto applications for investments, for instance, buying and holding digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin with expectations of higher returns on investment.

Those seeking to minimize risks and enjoy stability can invest in stablecoins whose values are tied to the U.S. dollar (Tether or USD Coin). With this approach, a user or a group of users can effortlessly facilitate global transactions at a comparatively cheaper rate.

Depending on a user’s country of origin, investing in Tether or USD Coin can translate to significant returns if their country’s fiat currency is unstable or losing against the U.S. dollar in the exchange market — thus, making this approach an enticing alternative to transacting or saving in fiat currencies.

Coming Soon

GIE Token will launch at a later date

  • 1. Discount on transaction fees.

  • 2. Learn to earn incentive where members consume GIE educational content and take a quiz on that material to earn GIE tokens.
  • 3. Staking option for members to invest in the GIE token and earn rewards overtime.

  • 4. Members who hold the most GIE tokens will have governance rights on several aspects of the GIE platform including, but not limited to, nonprofit partners, tokens, blockchains, or industry news.