About GIE

About GIE

Welcome to the Global Investment Crypto Exchange (GIE) App, where every transaction is a conscious and stressless effort to earn and give back to society simultaneously.

Our core values –

simplicityreliabilitysocial responsibilitytransparencyand inclusion

– define our mission.

Our core values -

simplicityreliabilitysocial responsibilitytransparencyand inclusion

- define our mission.


We believe that the benefits attached to cryptocurrencies should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we have made our platform as simple to use as possible without forgoing any vital or relevant features. Our app makes it very easy for crypto enthusiasts to use and understand cryptocurrencies and for crypto experts to conduct their transactions effortlessly.

You will also acquire the tools and information you need to buy, sell, trade, invest, and spend cryptocurrencies.

GIE Reliability


We work round-the-clock every day of the year to ensure that your crypto experience is seamless. Our operating technology is sustainable, resilient, fast, and highly secured to ensure you are absolutely confident in us. The GIE wallet is one of the first of its kind to implement a wallet and a truly decentralized platform, enveloping the true essence of cryptocurrency.

Social Responsibility

Cryptocurrency transactions contribute to a significant energy footprint of approximately 150 terawatt-hours yearly. Like us, you can choose to be conscious of this problem and be part of the solution by doing business with only organizations that give back to the community and publicly show it.

GIE Social Responsibility
GIE Transparency


We are committed to making positive impacts on our planet and our communities, and we also want other exchange platforms and businesses to truthfully join us in the cause of giving back to our communities and the planet. To that end, the details of all our corporate social responsibility efforts via our partners would be available to the public.

You can check out our partnership page to see the list of the NGOs, NPOs, foundations, and community heroes who partners with us. You can also refer any organization you would like us to review and add to our list of partnerships.


We believe that the benefits of cryptocurrencies should be available to any person or group, anywhere in the world. Therefore, our platform seamlessly accommodates small- and large-scale businesses and business operations alongside peer-to-peer transactions.

Also, our application is currently being offered in Spanish and English. As time goes on, we hope to integrate more languages for a wider global reach.