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A crypto app for the community.

Global Investment Crypto Exchange

Imagine the Impact

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This decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform provides a digital wallet that doubles as an easy avenue towards contributing to charitable organizations that better our communities on a local and global scale.

True to Our Word

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We donate a percentage of our monthly revenue to our nonprofit partners. These contributions only go to verified mission-driven local and global charities, particularly those that offset the crypto industry’s carbon footprint.

Crypto Made Easy

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Until now, navigating the world of cryptocurrencies was challenging. We have simplified cryptocurrency processes with tutorial videos and educational content, from trading to investing.

Crypto for the Community

Imagine the Possibilities!

GIE was designed to prioritize the best interest of you – the user, and our global community. We are on a mission to build a cryptocurrency ecosystem that not only serves as a customer-centric exchange platform, but an organization determined to leave a positive impact on this planet.

GIE donates a percentage of every transaction to people, companies, and organizations that give back to our global communities and our planet. Together with our nonprofit partners, we are committed to setting the new standard for philanthropic business practices.

Total GIE Donations: $27,640

Our app is currently offered in English and Spanish, and future updates will include additional languages. We are committed to building an inclusive community that together can change the world.

GIE Crypto Phone App

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GIE Crypto Brand Values


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Educational Material

Learning about crypto has never been easier. The GIE app provides expansive resources that will enhance your understanding of the crypto space.


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Decentralized exchange

GIE is a completely decentralized exchange.

Game Changer

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Change the world

You can help us change the world as we create conscious consumers who only do business with companies that give back to the community and the planet.


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Make Money

Educate yourselves and invest wisely to make money on our platform while simultaneously helping our local and global communities thrive.


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We care

At GIE, we care about our clients, communities, and the planet, so we want to instill that mindset and foster a community of GIE members who feel the same way.


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Secure and Safe Network

We value credibility, so we have taken all possible steps to ensure a secure and safe network. GIE also qualifies each token before it is listed on our platform.