Web3 Gaming Activity Soars, Boosting Fasttoken Cryptocurrency Growth

Published On: November 2, 2023447 words2 min readBy:

The web3 gaming landscape has seen a surge in activity, with a report from DappRadar, the largest Web3 dapp distribution platform, indicating a 12% rise in gaming activity within the Web3 ecosystem from the preceding quarter. The report reveals that over 785,000 unique players have been active in this sphere, demonstrating the robustness of blockchain gaming even amidst market volatility.

Simultaneously, Fasttoken, a cryptocurrency specifically designed for the Web3 gaming environment, is marking its ninth month of existence. This innovative digital currency is being utilized by more than 100 developers in their Web3 games.

Fasttoken is part of the Fastex ecosystem, a creation of tech giant SoftConstruct, which employs a workforce of over 6,000. The company’s CEO, Davud Güneyli, expressed his confidence in Fasttoken’s potential to become a leading currency in the Web3 gaming sector.

Fasttoken is not just a cryptocurrency; it represents an entire ecosystem. This ecosystem is anchored on the Fastex exchange and offers a suite of blockchain services focused on Web3 and decentralized finance, including NFT minting and dApp development.

A standout feature of the Fastex ecosystem is its reliance on the next-gen Bahamut blockchain. This innovative blockchain technology offers users advantages such as quicker transactions and reduced fees. Additionally, the Fastex ecosystem includes the Fastexverse virtual universe and the ftNFT NFT platform. With user-friendly interfaces and top-tier security measures, users can enjoy a comprehensive blockchain experience.

Fasttoken has been performing well in the market since its inception. According to CoinMarketCap, it started with a presale price of $0.35 and quickly climbed above $1 per unit. Today, it boasts a market cap exceeding 4 billion TL.

As an ERC-20 standard token, Fasttoken guarantees global compatibility and widespread acceptance. It’s also backed by the Dubai-based Fastex Exchange, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange. This innovative platform is recognized for its comprehensive approach to crypto payment, NFT, metaverse, and blockchain technologies.

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The growth in Web3 gaming and the increasing usage of Fasttoken highlight the expanding influence of blockchain technology in various sectors. As more developers embrace this technology and more users become familiar with its benefits, the future of Web3 gaming and cryptocurrencies like Fasttoken appears bright.

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