Web3 Challenges Google, Apple’s Dominance in Digital Mapping Market

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The digital mapping landscape has long been dominated by the duopoly of Google Maps and Apple Maps, both of which are products of the tech behemoths, Google and Apple. Despite the rise of Web3 technology, which has disrupted numerous sectors, this area remains largely untouched. According to a study by Gitnux, the stronghold of these two giants is maintained by their substantial market share and resources, enabling them to create advanced features such as Google Street View that others can’t match.

However, the digital mapping market is not without its challengers. Big Tech players like Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon have joined forces to form the Overture Maps Foundation, aiming to disrupt the digital mapping space. But even these influential companies find it challenging to make significant inroads. This situation poses the question: Can Web3 technology bring about much-needed competition and innovation in this market?

The dominance of Google and Apple in digital mapping has imposed high costs on innovators. For instance, they don’t provide access to their underlying data. Developers using Google Maps have to pay fees per thousand searches via the Google Maps API. Similarly, Apple charges developers for embedding its map into their websites and applications using MapKit JS. Furthermore, street view features of these maps are often outdated, particularly in remote areas outside urban centers. This situation creates additional costs for startups and entrepreneurs who are often operating with limited resources.

The Overture Maps Foundation is trying to provide a more affordable alternative but only offers underlying data. A shift towards further decentralization away from Big Tech in the digital mapping market is needed to bring more significant savings to developers and innovators.

Moreover, Google and Apple’s dominance extends beyond digital mapping. They also control the smartphone market, with a duopoly over apps and browsers. This dominance allows them to set their mapping services as the default option for smartphone users, further consolidating their power.

There’s also a trend of Big Tech acquiring smaller companies and their user-generated data. For instance, Google purchased Waze for $1.1 billion in 2013, integrating its features into Google Maps. While Google gained from this acquisition, it’s unclear what benefits the Waze user community derived from it.

This is where Web3 technology can make a difference. The core Web3 principles of decentralization and empowering end users can challenge Big Tech’s digital mapping dominance. Already, there are firms attempting to build decentralized mapping networks based on blockchain. These systems can enable end users to benefit from their data and contribute to a global network.

Unlike traditional models that rely heavily on Big Tech resources, Web3 projects can leverage real-time user data from dashcams, drones, and other devices. This crowdsourcing approach reduces overhead costs as there’s no need to maintain a large staff to capture imagery. It also empowers users by letting them benefit from their data.

The accumulation of user data over time has enabled Big Tech to dominate the digital mapping market. To counter this, Web3 mapping platforms can incentivize users to contribute their data and imagery, fostering a community-driven approach that embodies the essence of decentralization and Web3.

So, what’s next for the digital mapping market? The potential for Web3 to challenge Google and Apple’s dominance is evident. The real question is how to harness this potential. We can either stick with the status quo and let Big Tech control this market or embrace a new, innovative approach using blockchain technology. Given the benefits of a Web3 mapping platform for entrepreneurship, competition, and user empowerment, the choice seems clear.

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