Tenderly Pioneers Web3 Transition with Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

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As the digital world continues to evolve, the shift from Web2 to Web3 is becoming increasingly significant. This transition represents a move towards a decentralized internet, a concept that is both exciting and daunting for developers and companies alike. Among the key players facilitating this change is Tenderly, an infrastructure solutions provider co-founded by Bogdan Habic. Tenderly is dedicated to aiding development teams across the globe in their transition to the Web3 universe.

In a recent interview with CryptoNews.com, Bogdan Habic delved into the complexities of this transition, emphasizing the importance of infrastructure and how Tenderly is proactively addressing the scalability challenges inherent in the rapidly expanding blockchain landscape.

Understanding the Shift: The Journey from Web2 to Web3

Bogdan begins by acknowledging the unique challenges that developers face when transitioning from Web2 to Web3. He explains that Web3 removes the “security through obscurity” that characterized Web2, introducing a new level of programmability of value that can initially be overwhelming.

Web3 operates within a more constrained runtime environment, which may be familiar to embedded systems programmers but could pose a challenge for those accustomed to more flexible settings. This is where Tenderly’s “TX preview” or simulations come into play, providing a risk-free environment for both newcomers and experienced developers to experiment, test, and refine their decentralized applications (dapps) and transactions.

The simulations offer developers insights into asset transfers, gas and resource consumption, transaction success probabilities, and much more without requiring any on-chain commitments. This enhances the security and predictability of dapps, significantly improving both user and developer experiences and making the transition from Web2 to Web3 smoother and more intuitive.

Building Blocks for Progress: Tenderly’s Role in Shaping the Future of Decentralized Ecosystems

Reflecting on Tenderly’s impressive funding trajectory, which included raising $40m in funding last year amid a 500% YoY revenue growth, Bogdan underscores the critical role of infrastructure in promoting widespread Web3 adoption.

“Infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the evolution and adoption of Web3 technologies. It’s essential to have a solid foundation to support and nurture the growth of ground-breaking dApps,” he explains.

Tenderly’s holistic platform integrates the best of Web2’s refined developer experiences with Web3’s innovative possibilities, acting as a bridge between the two worlds. Tools like Simulations and TestNets embody this philosophy, offering something that isn’t possible in Web2 while being rooted in the best practices of both worlds.

As the blockchain industry continues to grow exponentially, Bogdan outlines how Tenderly is strategically positioning itself to proactively address scalability issues. “From day one, we embraced a multichain philosophy, supporting over 30 networks, which has strategically positioned us well in the evolving blockchain landscape,” he states.

When it comes to supporting emerging EVM-compatible networks, Bogdan highlights Tenderly’s commitment to the broader App Chain/L3 Ecosystem. “We’re not just observers; we actively participate in and contribute to the growth and refinement of these emerging technologies and networks,” he asserts.

Looking Ahead: Tenderly’s Vision for the Future of Decentralization

The insightful discussion with Bogdan Habic underscores the complexities of the journey from Web2 to Web3, the critical role of infrastructure in driving adoption, and the anticipation of scalability challenges faced by the industry. Tenderly stands at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, bridging the gap between old and new paradigms, and empowering developers to confidently navigate the Web3 landscape.

As the blockchain industry continues to expand, Tenderly’s innovative solutions and proactive approach ensure that the future of decentralized applications is in capable hands. Whether you are a developer looking to make a crypto investment blockchain or an individual seeking to download a digital wallet, Tenderly is an invaluable resource in the transition to a decentralized internet.

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