Strategic Blockchain Partnership for Cross-Chain Collaboration and Development

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The Synergy of Raptoreum and Arthera: Pioneering Blockchain Development Together

The dynamic landscape of blockchain technology is experiencing a groundbreaking moment as POW blockchain Raptoreum forms a strategic alliance with Arthera, promising an immense advancement in the world of decentralized applications and cross-chain collaboration. This partnership heralds a novel fusion, uniting the robust, security-focused framework of Raptoreum with the innovative DAG mempool-based EVM chain of Arthera.

Arthera, a platform that has brought the seamless experience of web 2 into the realm of web3, is at the forefront of innovation with its attention to rethinking existing models. It is challenging the conventional pay-as-you-go systems by introducing subscription payments and presenting decentralized software as a service (Dsaas) to its users. Fueled by its proprietary Blaze DAG, Arthera is preparing to escalate the race in throughput and overall performance on its network, with significant updates anticipated in Q3 2024.

Laurent Perello, CEO of Arthera, shares their vision, “We’ve had our eyes on Raptoreum for a considerable period, acknowledging the synergy between our visions and the innovations they bring to the table. This partnership is a testament to our meticulous selection process and shared dedication to elevating the web3 ecosystem.”

Arthera’s impending launch sees more than 140 projects poised to deploy their decentralized applications (Dapps) on its private mainnet. This milestone is set to bolster the space, driving mass adoption and creating a conducive environment for both sprawling and niche SaaS developers.

The Power of Collaboration for Enhanced Services

By joining forces with Arthera, Raptoreum opens a gateway to a plethora of services endemic to the forward-thinking platform, including but not limited to, ELK Finance and Just Money. What distinguishes Arthera in this domain is its revolutionary gas subscription model, allowing for efficient execution of transactions without the burden of hefty gas expenses. This aspect fuels seamless cross-chain strategies, enabling arbitrage and optimizing liquidity returns.

Arthera’s suite further extends to decentralized file storage solutions like PollinationX, secure communication through Dmail, and digital certificate issuance via Pixchain, pushing boundaries far beyond the financial sector.

Merging Diversified Strengths for a Unified Objective

Approaching blockchain development with an open mind and averse to maximalist thinking, Raptoreum views Arthera as an integral contributor in addressing the limitations within Solidity programming. The collaboration between Raptoreum and Arthera signifies a proactive step toward reinforcing a secure blockchain infrastructure within the broader web3 context.

Paul Mills of RTM Core enthusiastically notes, “Our priorities involve spearheading cross-chain collaborations and bridging operations with security at the helm. Arthera’s acknowledgment of Solidity’s pitfalls and their approach to innovating in that area resonates with us. By joining forces, especially in the EVM space, a reinvigorated strategy is called for — one that Arthera is exceptionally positioned to execute.”

In forging this partnership, Raptoreum seeks to catalyze a multichain approach, building bridges into the Arthera ecosystem. This bridge seeks to entwine UTXO technology with the EVM-based web3 spaces, fortifying the safest interaction possible. Such an endeavor paves the way for users to indulge in dual-yield staking, obtaining rewards on both RTM main chain nodes and Arthera’s wrapped assets.

The Mutualistic Advantages of the Alliance

Arthera stands to benefit significantly from the assimilation within Raptoreum’s animated and committed POW blockchain community, positioning itself as a paradigm shift toward a subscription-centric web3 experience. The alignment of the Raptoreum ecosystem with Arthera’s developmental ventures fosters a rich soil for potential joint growth and opportunities.

For Arthera, the collaboration draws upon Raptoreum’s specialized knowledge, particularly in NFT integration for gaming, product traceability, and metadata vectorization. In turn, Raptoreum is primed to deepen its liquidity avenues through Arthera’s expanding user base, targeting additional yields from RTM coins.

As this partnership unfolds, it stands as a relatable model for strategic alliances in the blockchain space — a shared commitment between Raptoreum and Arthera to drive innovation, growth, and an expansive reach throughout the web3 industry.

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