Shenzhen Hosts Web3 Conference, Launches $10B Accelerator Fund

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China’s Foray into the Web3.0 Frontier: A Digital Economy Evolution

In the bustling tech hub of Shenzhen, China, a landmark event recently set the stage for the country’s proactive stride into the realm of Web3.0. At this inaugural digital economy conference, key industry players and government officials converged to unveil a Web3 accelerator fund, marking a significant commitment to investing in the future of the Internet.

The spotlight of the event beamed on Li Haolong, chair of the World Meta-Asset Association and the Greater Bay Area Capital Group. Haolong hailed the conference as a pivotal milestone, portraying it as a beacon that not only illuminates technological advancements but also fosters international cooperation in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In a bold move, the Greater Bay Area Capital Group announced plans to set in motion a $10 billion fund, carved out as part of the Yuan Asset Web 3.0 Industry Fund. This sizable accelerator will channel investment into global enterprises that are pioneering Web3, encapsulating sectors of Yuan Asset, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), real-world meta-assets, and more.

Wu Ying, chairperson of the Digital China Federation and presider of the conference, also emphasized the swift progress of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain. Their transformative potential is now unfolding at an unprecedented pace, shaping a new digital economy.

Adding to this discourse, Luo Jinhai, the conference vice-chair, unveiled the untapped potential of meta-assets. These assets, conceived through mathematical transformations, are characterized by attributes such as autonomy, privacy, security, scarcity, and liquidity. Luo underscored the necessity for these innovative assets to be put under a global microscope and to foster widespread participation in their evolution.

This groundbreaking discussion on Web3.0 emerged shortly after an important release from the People’s Bank of China—the Financial Stability Report 2023. The report shed light on the rapid expansion of the global crypto-asset market and underscored the imperative for robust regulation to ensure a level playing field under the maxim of “same business, same risks, same supervision.”

Despite affirming the need for governance, China’s gestures towards fostering global cooperation present a nuanced position on the surveillance tendencies often associated with digital advancements.

In a separate communication, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China responded to a proposal on nurturing the Web3 industry. The response highlighted the government’s active research in fields such as the Metaverse, NFTs, and decentralized identity management. Moreover, it acknowledged the emphasis on risk assessment and the practical application of these technologies across diverse sectors.

China’s venture into Web3.0 heralds a new chapter for the digital economy, where traditional borders give way to virtual spaces and the exchange of digital assets becomes commonplace. This move is significant not only for investors and tech enthusiasts but also for everyday users who stand to benefit from a more diverse and decentralized internet.

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