RFOX VALT Revolutionizes Metaverse With VR-First Approach And AI Tools

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RFOX VALT is setting itself apart in the metaverse landscape with its innovative developments. The platform is a VR-first virtual world that empowers creators to tailor spaces, experiences, and assets using advanced AI tools. It’s a unique blend of social interactions, gaming, exploration, and retail spaces. RFOX VALT’s distinctive edge lies in its VR-first approach and the provision of advanced AI tools to no-code developers for voice-only creations. Let’s delve into the company’s inception, its product functioning, and much more.

Launched in 2018, RFOX VALT was a novel attempt to amalgamate cutting-edge technologies to create a platform for users to build, earn, and share experiences. “We envisage doing for VR experiences what Roblox has done for game development,” asserted Ben Fairbank, CEO and Co-Founder of RFOX, in an interview with nft now. Fairbank envisions a future where the majority of people will immerse themselves in the metaverse, fundamentally altering human connections.

“I foresee most people navigating their way in the metaverse,” he stated. “I believe it will revolutionize how we engage through games, social activities, and retail.” According to him, this shift will not only be a technological leap but also a paradigm shift in our engagement with each other in digital domains. Through RFOX, Fairbank aims to deliver a metaverse experience that is unique, offering a distinct digital domain that transcends being merely a game and redefines our societal interactions.

“The amalgamation of NFTs, blockchain, AI, and VR creates a potent mix that our users will shape as we continue our journey,” he added. “The power lies in their hands, and we eagerly anticipate what they will create.”

If you’re new to using a VR headset like the Meta Quest 2, it might take some time to adapt. It’s normal for beginners to face challenges mastering the controls and interacting with the VR user interface. Josef Andre, Product Portfolio Manager at RFOX, stated that while Meta has elegantly addressed this issue with their tutorial for first-time device setup, the controls can still vary between different games and can be a friction point for new users.

Here are five steps on how to get started:

• Sign in using Apple or Gmail, linked to your RFOX ID.
4️ Once inside the realm, you’ll have the ability to socialize with friends, customize your apartment, engage in games, eat food, and more.

For mass adoption of NFTs to occur, according to Andre, they shouldn’t be forced upon users. That’s why he and his team are working towards a more organic transition. “I’d prefer to use [NFTs] as an added value proposition and feature that enhances utility and ownership in the project,” Andre said.

“For the RFOX VALT, all users that log in will receive an RFOX ID, which serves as the identifier across the entire RFOX ecosystem. Once you connect any of your wallets to the RFOX ID on our website, you automatically gain access to your NFTs in the RFOX VALT,” he explained.

To experience a token-gated apartment experience in the metaverse, users must first purchase an RFOX Apartment NFT on Opensea. There are four types of apartments: Studio, Standard, Penthouse, and Sky Apartments. Users can personalize their space with AI-generated art and even display NFTs on the walls using their voice to interact with AI integrations.

RFOX VALT metaverse is currently available in Open Beta and can be accessed in VR on SideQuest and for mobile on Android and iOS. You can download it here and learn more.

The team is also developing a suite of tools including an SDK and API which will allow creators to design and build on a stable and scalable platform. The platform will gradually open up to more users. The team aims to complete most platform features and tools within the next six months.

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