Quantstamp and Toku Join Forces for Enhanced Blockchain Security and Compliance

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In a groundbreaking move, Toku and Quantstamp, two leading players in the web3 industry, have formed a strategic alliance to offer bundled services for blockchain security and tax audits. This partnership aims to address the growing security threats and regulatory tax scrutiny in the rapidly expanding web3 industry.

The collaboration between these two industry leaders will offer blockchain-connected organizations a comprehensive solution that combines enhanced security protection and robust compliance capabilities. The partnership will feature a two-step process encompassing an all-inclusive code review and an initial tax review for clients. This consolidation of vital services positions Toku and Quantstamp at the cutting edge of providing businesses with the necessary tools to protect essential information, comply with regulatory standards, and adapt to the future of work.

Quantstamp, a trailblazer in blockchain security, has safeguarded over $200B in digital assets for more than 250 clients including Ethereum 2.0, Compound, Lido, and Polygon, as well as renowned brands like Visa and Toyota. Through its smart contract audits, Quantstamp scrutinizes the codebase of blockchain projects for potential vulnerabilities. The company also offers other services like its newly launched Economic Exploit Analysis service that preemptively detects flash loan attacks. Quantstamp is committed to creating products and services that enhance the security of the web3 space.

Richard Ma, Founder and CEO of Quantstamp, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Toku. He emphasized the need for reliable solutions in the emerging industry, particularly in areas of security, laws, and regulations. He believes that this bundled service offering is just the beginning of what the partnership with Toku can achieve.

Toku, on the other hand, is a global solution for token compensation, token grants, and token tax compliance. It enables 100% tax compliance on all token-based compensation in over 100 countries globally. Toku provides unparalleled legal and tax support to grant and administer global team’s tokens. It offers services across the lifecycle, from easy-to-use token grant award templates to managing tax withholdings. Toku’s clientele includes Protocol Labs, dYdX Foundation, Mina Foundation, Hedera, Gnosis, Safe, and many more.

Ken O’Friel, Toku’s Co-Founder and CEO, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership with Quantstamp. He stated that the collaboration would offer a streamlined solution to address the complex issues of security and compliance, making it easier for companies to operate in today’s landscape.

Toku and Quantstamp aim to equip web3 companies with the tools and services necessary for success at every stage through this partnership. For more information about this partnership, you can reach out at hello@toku.com or hello@quantstamp.com.

Toku is a comprehensive global solution for token compensation, token grants, and token tax compliance. It enables 100% tax compliance on all token-based compensation in over 100 countries globally. Its clients include Mina Foundation, Hedera Hashgraph, dYdX Foundation, Gnosis, Protocol Labs, Filecoin Foundation, Safe, and many more.

Quantstamp is a global leader in blockchain security, on a mission to secure the future of web3. Since its inception in 2017, the team has conducted over 600 audits and secured over $200 billion in digital asset risk from hackers. In addition to a range of security services, Quantstamp supports the growth and longevity of the web3 space through strategic investments and acting as a trusted advisor to help projects scale. For more information about Quantstamp, visit Quantstamp.com or follow them on Twitter @Quantstamp.

In conclusion, this alliance between Toku and Quantstamp is a significant step towards providing comprehensive solutions for blockchain security and tax audits. It opens up new possibilities for web3 companies to navigate security and compliance challenges more efficiently. As the Crypto Exchange service in the United States continues to evolve, such partnerships are essential in paving the way for a secure and compliant future in the blockchain industry.

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