MarketAcross Partners with Turingum to Boost Global Blockchain Adoption

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MarketAcross, a renowned international blockchain marketing firm, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Turingum, a Japanese specialist in Web3 technology. This collaboration aims to propel blockchain adoption and extend the market footprint of both companies, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that promises to enhance brand visibility and pave the way for new client acquisition.

Turingum is set to leverage this partnership to gain access to a global clientele, thereby expanding its international presence. Conversely, MarketAcross is looking forward to bolstering its foothold in the Japanese blockchain space by reaching out to a wider audience.

A significant aspect of this collaboration lies in the support it extends to businesses striving to navigate the complex terrain of Web3. With its deep domain expertise in tokenomics, defi solutions, and contract development, Turingum is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and tools for effective Web3 strategies. For firms in Japan keen on undertaking projects involving token-based solutions, Turingum now offers expert guidance.

Simultaneously, Turingum’s clients can benefit from MarketAcross’s vast marketing experience. Having played a pivotal role in the growth of several major global blockchain projects, MarketAcross brings to the table services such as public relations, content creation, brand reputation management, influencer partnerships, SEO, and community building.

Japan’s transparent regulatory environment has made it an appealing hub for Web3 ventures. The government’s support, as evidenced by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s commitment to nurturing a favorable ecosystem for Web3 technology, has highlighted Japan’s potential in the blockchain landscape. MarketAcross has already made significant strides in Japan’s Web3 community, collaborating with Astar Network and serving as the official media collaborator for prominent Web3 conferences like WebX and IVS Crypto.

The adoption of Web3 is not limited to startups and tech enthusiasts anymore; it has caught the attention of large institutions as well. In a strategic move last July, MarketAcross announced a significant partnership with Chainlink Labs, the developers of Chainlink (LINK), making it a Crypto Exchange service in the United States.

Moreover, PayPal recently unveiled On and Off ramps for Web3 payments for businesses, allowing merchants to accept cryptocurrencies from customers. This move amplifies PayPal’s acceptance of cryptocurrencies, enabling users to acquire, trade, and deploy digital assets in transactions across online merchants worldwide.

Simultaneously, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has launched an educational endeavor within the United States to inspire students to explore opportunities within the metaverse. This initiative acknowledges the growing momentum for VR education tools and is a testament to Meta’s push to nurture innovative learning environments.

In another groundbreaking development, Sony and Startale Labs have announced a collaboration aimed at transforming the Web3 landscape. This ambitious endeavor, carried out under the banner of Sony Network Communications Labs Pte. Ltd., represents a bold step into the world of blockchain innovation.

Research suggests that the global Web 3.0 blockchain market is poised to reach over $44.2 billion by 2031, with an impressive CAGR of 44.13%. This rapid growth underscores the increasing relevance of decentralized technology and applications.

However, as we move towards a promising future of Web3, user experience challenges need to be addressed. Felix Xu emphasizes the importance of simplicity and intuitiveness in Web3 adoption. According to Xu, for Web3 to transcend buzzwords, it must offer a user-friendly experience that appeals to a broader audience.

As institutions and companies continue to embrace Web3, we can expect an unprecedented growth in the landscape of the decentralized internet.

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