Los Angeles Emerges as Thriving Hub for Blockchain and Digital Art

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In the digital landscape of the Web3 world, the term “community” often takes on a variety of meanings. It can refer to a group of dedicated followers, a social media audience, or even a physical gathering of online acquaintances. In the heart of Los Angeles, one of the most vibrant and diverse blockchain communities is thriving, creating a hub for crypto enthusiasts and digital artists alike.

A must-visit spot for anyone deeply immersed in blockchain culture is El Cid, a bar located on the famous Sunset Boulevard. Every Tuesday night, this venue transforms into a meeting ground for some of Web3’s brightest minds. This event, known as NFTuesday, was founded by Cody Edison, Mieke Marple, and Andrew McClintock. It has become a platform for renowned digital artists and thought leaders to share their insights and creations with a packed audience. Since Dina Chang joined as Director, NFTuesday has seen exponential growth in its weekly meetups. Presentations from notable figures like Nancy Baker Cahill, Lauren Lee McCarthy, and Andrew Benson have drawn tremendous attention both locally and internationally.

Another significant player in LA’s digital art scene is Cactoid Labs, a curatorial studio that has been instrumental in bridging the gap between traditional museums and the Web3 world. Their collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has resulted in the Remembrance of Things Future initiative, a project that has opened new doors for digital art. The initiative features collections from some of the most luminous stars in the creative coding firmament, including IX Shells, Emily Xie, and Monica Rizzolli.

In addition to these regular releases, Cactoid Labs is also showcasing work by acclaimed French artist William Mapan at LACMA’s Stark Bar. Mapan’s collection, “Distance,” is inspired by Paul Klee’s “In the Kairouan Style, Transposed in a Moderate Way.” It explores Klee’s color theory and the emotional power of aerial views. Despite not having a public headquarters, Cactoid Labs hosts specialized tours of certain exhibitions and plans to launch a series of real-world events.

The birthplace of Rituals, one of Web3’s most successful platforms, can be found in Venice Beach, California. Housed behind an unassuming brick facade is Bright Moments, an urban headquarters complete with shared wooden desks and sleek screens. Founded by Seth Goldstein, Bright Moments has pioneered the concept of live minting, allowing collectors to participate actively in the creation of the artworks they collect. This innovative approach facilitates intimate encounters with artists and artworks, creating lasting memories beyond blockchain transactions.

Bright Moments recently hosted a six-city live minting tour for Empty Rooms, a collection created by Casey Reas, a UCLA professor who co-founded the global art gallery Feral File. The tour started in Tokyo and concluded in Venice, CA. The venue’s unique blend of tech, art, and music creates a vibrant community converging towards the future.

VellumLA, a gallery founded by Sinziana Velicescu on Melrose Avenue, is another essential hub for digital art enthusiasts. With its massive window providing a street view of the displayed works, VellumLA educates passersby about the potentials of digital art. It recently held PostGender: Human After All, an exhibition exploring the concept of identity beyond traditional gender roles.

With the rise of blockchain and digital art, Los Angeles has become a hotspot for crypto education platforms and services like Crypto Exchange service United States. Aspiring artists and investors can download digital wallets or use a crypto app in the USA to participate in this thriving community. The city’s vibrant blockchain and digital art scene is a testament to the transformative power of Web3 technology, bringing together diverse communities and reshaping the future of art and technology.

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