Helio Supports Poundtoken’s GBPT as New Payment Option

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In an innovative step forward for digital currency payments, Helio, a leading UK-based Web3 payments platform, has made a significant move by integrating Poundtoken’s GBPT stablecoin into its diverse array of payment offerings for e-commerce merchants and content creators. This significant enhancement to Helio’s services now allows these operators to accept the GBPT alongside an extensive collection of other digital currencies directly through the Helio platform, simplifying the transaction process and broadening payment options.

Helio’s commitment to providing an accessible digital currency transaction experience, particularly for newcomers to the world of crypto payments, is further solidified with this update. This collaboration introduces the first regulated GBP stablecoin on the platform, aiding vendors in receiving pound-denominated transactions with all the advantages inherent to blockchain technology, such as instantaneous processing and reduced costs for payments.

Stijn Paumen, Co-Founder and CEO of Helio, expressed his enthusiasm about the integration: “Bringing the first regulated GBP stablecoin into our ecosystem is a monumental stride. Our merchants now have the convenience of accepting pounds in the secure, blockchain-enabled form of a GBP stablecoin. We anticipate this to significantly benefit our clients, while also positively influencing the broader British crypto economy.”

At its core, Helio’s infrastructure is designed to bridge Web3 payments with traditional Web2 applications, allowing merchants to monetize anything from tangible items to digital goods through native cryptocurrency payment support. This includes support for leading cryptocurrencies across several blockchains—such as Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon. Helio has achieved remarkable success, enabling transactions for more than 75,000 unique active wallets, while also enjoying the trust of over 3,000 merchants, thanks to its laudable uptime record of 99.99%.

Helio’s alliances extend to major players in the tech sphere both in Web2 and Web3 communities, with recognisable names like Solana, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magic Eden among its partners. These collaborations have been essential in pushing forward Helio’s mission to reshape digital transactions with a streamlined cryptocurrency payment system.

Poundtoken’s GBPT stablecoin, on the other hand, is the first 100% backed GBP stablecoin regulated in the British Isles, with transparent proof of reserve. Looking ahead, Poundtoken’s GBPT is preparing for its upcoming launch on the Solana blockchain. Mike Crosbie, CEO of Poundtoken, shared insights on the strategic importance of the collaboration: “Our partnership with Solana for GBPT’s launch into the ecosystem is a step in the right direction. It caters to the needs of Solana’s active community and plays off of the platform’s innovative features. By joining forces, we unlock a world of potential for GBPT, increasing its functionality and presence in the global crypto market.”

Helio’s suite of payment tools offers a straightforward and cost-effective alternative for e-commerce merchants and internet entrepreneurs who wish to accept USDC and other digital currencies. The platform’s focus on user-friendliness is a boon for those just venturing into crypto payments and is backed by seasoned builders with a proven track record in SaaS ventures. Investors, including Lightspeed Ventures and Peak Capital, have also shown confidence in Helio’s vision and capabilities.

Empowering a growing network of sellers and active wallet users, Helio’s impact is evident through its compatibility and integrations across various seller verticals—ranging from ticketing to digital content and subscriptions—and platforms such as Discord, YouTube, TradingView, and Twitch. These endeavors, along with the partnerships Helio has fostered, are reshaping the digital payments landscape.

In conclusion, with Poundtoken.io at the helm as the unchallenged issuer of the GBPT stablecoin – the preferred GBP stablecoin option enabling 24/7 real-time settlements – this powerful alliance with Helio is poised to create waves in the digital currency payment sector. It should be noted that Blackfridge SC Limited—a business name for Poundtoken.io—is duly licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority, offering innovative and secure monetary transmission services within the Authority’s Regulatory Sandbox. As the Helio and Poundtoken collaboration grows, it signifies a remarkable evolution in the convenience and security of digital transactions for both businesses and consumers.

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