India Poised to Become Global Hub for Blockchain, Says IBA Founder

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The potential of India to become a leading hub for blockchain technology is a topic that has been gaining momentum recently. Raj Kapoor, the founder of India Blockchain Alliance (IBA), has shared his insights on this matter, stating that India has the necessary resources to become a dominant player in the Web3 technologies landscape. Kapoor’s vision is grounded in the belief that blockchain can revolutionize various sectors of the Indian economy while attracting substantial international investments.

Kapoor’s perspective is that India needs to establish a comprehensive framework and launch strategic initiatives to stimulate interest in blockchain among its population. The creation of such a framework seems achievable, but Kapoor acknowledges that promoting widespread adoption of blockchain technology in India will present challenges.

With the aim of boosting adoption rates for this transformative technology, Kapoor founded the IBA, an organization with the mission of positioning India as a global superpower in the field of blockchain. “We’ve missed the Web1 bus, we’ve missed Web2, but the Web3 bus is ours. This is India’s destination, and that is where we are dialing in,” Kapoor stated.

Over the years, the IBA has made significant strides towards achieving its objectives. Kapoor confirmed that the organization has reached 32,000 students across 289 schools in rural India, raising awareness about blockchain and other emerging technologies. These efforts are part of a wider strategy to deepen India’s talent pool in Web3 technologies and support its long-term ambitions to become a Web3 powerhouse.

In addition, the IBA is allocating 70% of its funds to educate girls about disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, in an effort to achieve gender balance. Kapoor highlighted a partnership with the state of Goa as one of IBA’s greatest achievements, with plans to create the world’s largest Web3 district housing leading industry players such as developers, funds, digital asset exchanges, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

In early 2023, the Indian government, through the National Institute for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog, launched a learning module in collaboration with 5ire and Network Capital to educate citizens about blockchain skills. This initiative, along with the IBA’s efforts, indicates that the Indian government is making significant progress in promoting blockchain technology.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has predicted a 46% adoption rate of blockchain technology by the end of the decade. This comes as several municipal governments in India are exploring ways to incorporate blockchain technology into their operations. For instance, New Delhi plans to utilize blockchain for its criminal investigation processes, while others are looking at improving real estate transactions and record-keeping through this technology.

However, critics argue that the government’s approach towards digital currencies could cast a shadow over the future of blockchain in India. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has likened blockchain to gambling, and the Finance Ministry has imposed heavy tax burdens on investors and service providers since 2022.

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