Animoca Brands Japan and Drecom Join Forces to Globalize Web3 Gaming

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In a significant move to bolster the global reach of Japan’s web3 gaming sector, Animoca Brands Japan, an integral part of the worldwide web3 company Animoca Brands, has teamed up with Drecom Corporation, a renowned Japanese gaming application firm. This strategic collaboration aims to foster the international growth of various popular intellectual property (IP) games and explore synergies between Drecom’s Wizardry IP license and the global ecosystem being developed by Animoca Brands. The focus will be on the blockchain game Eternal Crypt – Wizardry BC –.

Animoca Brands Japan is committed to enhancing the gaming industry by supporting web3 projects across diverse sectors. The company’s Co-Chief Operating Officer, Minh Do, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that Japanese games enjoy immense global popularity and have significant potential for growth in the blockchain gaming space. He further added that this alliance would not only benefit Animoca Brands but also positively impact the entire web3 industry.

Drecom Corporation is a formidable player in the gaming industry known for its development of popular game applications such as ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise and Everybody’s Golf. In addition to planning, developing, and operating smartphone games, Drecom has been venturing into new business areas like web3 and publishing.

Animoca Brands Japan, established in 2021, was created to bolster the global web3 strategies of Japanese IP and content holders, including major publishers, brands, education providers, sports teams, athletes, artists, and game companies. The company offers a unique platform that amalgamates IPs with blockchain technology. It aids IP holders in building their own ecosystem through a comprehensive suite of web3 services, acting as a bridge between Japanese IPs and their global fan base.

Animoca Brands Japan’s partnership with Drecom Corporation is a significant step towards expanding web3 gaming. With this alliance, they will concentrate on the global expansion of various IPs and explore initiatives to facilitate cooperation between Drecom’s Wizardry IP license and the ecosystem being developed by Animoca Brands. This initiative is particularly focused on the blockchain game Eternal Crypt – Wizardry BC –.

The partnership is expected to bring about significant advancements in the realm of web3 gaming. With Drecom’s expertise in developing popular game apps and Animoca Brands Japan’s commitment to supporting web3 ventures, the collaboration holds immense potential. Furthermore, with the growing interest in crypto education platforms and increasing inquiries on how to make a crypto investment blockchain, this partnership could potentially pave the way for a new era in the gaming industry.

In conclusion, the partnership between Animoca Brands Japan and Drecom Corporation signals a promising future for web3 gaming. As more gamers download digital wallets and engage with crypto apps in the USA and around the world, the demand for blockchain-based games is set to rise. This partnership is poised to tap into this growing market, bringing Japanese gaming IPs to a global audience while harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

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