Dubai’s TOKYO BEAST Unveils Global Crypto Entertainment Project for 2024

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Dubai-based firm TOKYO BEAST FZCO has made an exciting announcement regarding its crypto-centric entertainment initiative, TOKYO BEAST. The project has been developed by Hiroyuki Kawamoto-led gumi, based in Shinjuku, Tokyo, with Turingum K.K. from Minato-ku, Tokyo, offering technology and financial advisory. The project will leverage the Polygon protocol as its blockchain network and is set to launch various modular projects across the globe in 2024. The announcement was made on September 4, 2023, at the Korea Blockchain Week conference in Seoul, Korea.

TOKYO BEAST is an innovative crypto entertainment project that encourages users to create unique entertainment experiences by integrating digital assets. The project is backed by a seasoned team that has developed and managed popular Japanese games, with a development budget that is unmatched for a Web3 game. TOKYO BEAST aims to revolutionize Web3 games by offering an engaging entertainment experience that only it can provide.

The team behind TOKYO BEAST believes in the importance of enjoying the game beyond its Web3 features. They have created a unique universe, appealing characters, and an engaging battle system among other features. The game’s quality is on par with today’s top smartphone games. To make the gaming experience more accessible, the team has eliminated barriers such as initial NFT purchase and wallet connection, thereby expanding participation to general smartphone game users and not just those in the Web3 realm. This could be a great opportunity for those looking to make a crypto investment blockchain or those who have downloaded a digital wallet.

The characters in TOKYO BEAST are designed to be interactive and play an active role in the game while also serving as collectible NFTs outside of the game’s universe. The founders of the project aim to create something that transcends borders and languages, appealing to a wide audience.

TOKYO BEAST emphasizes the importance of synchronizing the gaming experience with the real-world crypto ecosystem. It aims to provide an immersive experience that unifies each modular project and stakeholder within a single universe, something that hasn’t been achieved in existing Web3 games.

The game also features a win-loss prediction function that can be enjoyed both inside and outside the game. Users can enjoy predicting battle outcomes using data. Battles will be livestreamed globally, allowing users to share the excitement with others around the world.

The world of TOKYO BEAST is set to expand continually with future module projects organically intertwined to deliver a novel entertainment experience through the synergy of crypto and content. The team also plans on expanding the utility of the TBZ coin.

To commemorate this announcement, three early entry campaigns will be launched where users can win Mystery Boxes containing TOKYO BEAST tokens and NFTs by following the official X account. The earlier users follow, the higher their chances of winning.

A jackpot-style campaign will also be held during the early entry campaign. When certain targets are reached, prizes will be added to the jackpot, with drawings held on TOKYO BEAST’s official X account to determine winners.

Polygon and TOKYO BEAST will host a livestream event on Sept. 8, 2023 at 1:00 am UTC. For more information about the press release, contact TOKYO BEAST FZCO Public Relations.

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