Decrypt and Theta Labs Unite to Revolutionize Video Streaming Technology

Published On: October 7, 2023491 words2 min readBy:

In a major development for the digital content and crypto education platform, Decrypt has announced a strategic partnership with Theta Labs, a global leader in decentralized video streaming technology. The collaboration, which commenced on October 6th, aims to enhance Decrypt’s existing video workflows using Theta Network’s patented technology. This will pave the way for innovative video portal products and unlock premium content exclusively for GG pass holders on Polygon, Ethereum, and Theta.

The partnership will leverage Theta’s groundbreaking video portal product, now called Theta Web3 Theater. This technology has been instrumental in delivering unique video experiences for events such as MetaCannes and the World of Women Gala, and has also provided unprecedented distribution channels for the World Poker Tour. As part of this partnership, Theta Web3 Theater will be utilized to augment the value of Decrypt’s GG collection.

The GG pass, a free-to-mint NFT on Polygon, provides access to an exclusive GG community. This community will now be able to access premium content authenticated via Metamask by Theta’s patented NFT DRM technology. This move will enhance interoperability and user experience while enabling the minting of GG Hub Passes with simple email registration.

Decrypt’s Co-Founder, Ilan Hazan, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We launched Decrypt with the belief that emerging Web3 tools would revolutionize how we do business. With the recent launch of our gaming hub, GG, and our increased focus on video content, partnering with Theta seemed like the perfect fit to realize our vision.”

Mitch Liu, Co-Founder and CEO of Theta Labs, echoed similar sentiments. He said, “We’re excited to bring the next-generation Web3 video experience to millions of Decrypt users. This will help capture new stories, narratives, and Web3 culture. Our partnership with Decrypt is a crucial step in our strategy of using Theta technology to attract users from other blockchains by delivering value to existing crypto communities.”

This partnership represents a significant leap in digital content delivery, combining Decrypt’s premium content with Theta’s advanced technology. This synergy will enable a new level of interaction and engagement for users. It also signifies a new era of content and video consumption, where patented video and digital rights technologies are integrated with established workflows to deliver an enhanced user experience.

If you’re interested in participating in this transformative journey, you can explore and engage with the enriched content by authenticating your GG Hub Pass today! Decrypt and Theta Labs are committed to delivering a next-level Web3 video experience, and this partnership is a testament to their dedication to innovation and user-centric services.

Whether you’re looking to download a digital wallet or seeking a reliable Crypto Exchange service in the United States, this development underscores the importance of staying updated with the latest advancements in the crypto world. As Decrypt and Theta Labs continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Web3 tools, users can look forward to a more immersive and interactive digital content experience.

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