Cultos Global Secures Investment to Revolutionize Brand-Consumer Interaction

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In a significant development in the Web3 space, Dubai’s Cultos Global has secured a substantial amount of funding to bolster its innovative platform. The firm, which operates at the intersection of digital marketing and customer rewards, is set to utilize this investment to enhance its platform and revolutionize brand-customer relationships. The specifics of the funding amount, however, remain undisclosed.

Cultos Global is a trailblazer in the realm of Web3 technology, reshaping the traditional brand-customer dynamic by transforming everyday consumers into active nano-influencers. The platform is designed to create a symbiotic relationship between brands and their customers, where both parties benefit from increased engagement and loyalty.

The recent funding round saw participation from a bevy of industry stalwarts. Sameer Mehta, Founder and CEO of India’s boAt Lifestyle; Tarun Katial, a seasoned Media Tech professional and the driving force behind Coto, a women-centric social crypto platform; and Ashwath Bhat, the Financial Head at Fractal Analytics are among the investors who have shown faith in Cultos Global’s vision.

In an exciting development, Vijay Ratnaparkhe, a software industry veteran and current Head of Bosch Southeast Asia, has taken on dual roles at Cultos Global. He will serve not only as an investor but also as a member of the Advisory Board. Ratnaparkhe’s involvement aligns with a broader group of investors hailing from San Francisco, all committed to driving Cultos Global’s mission forward.

Cultos Global is committed to redefining how brands engage with their customers. Its unified platform seamlessly blends digital marketing strategies with customer loyalty programs, turning consumers into active participants or nano-influencers. Brands leveraging Cultos Global’s services can establish their brand token and rewards systems with ease, aiming for improved efficiency, higher conversion rates, and increased sales. Furthermore, the platform allows brands to access vital first-party data while ensuring top-tier security and privacy for consumers.

Pavan Govindan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Cultos Global, expressed his gratitude for the financial backing from these influential angel investors. He reiterated the company’s commitment to enabling brands to integrate their rewards, loyalty, and influencer marketing with the Web3 platform.

The funds raised will be directed towards the expansion of Cultos Global’s Product and Engineering departments in both the UAE and India. This will also facilitate the enhancement of Cultos Global’s platform through the integration of innovative features.

Tarun Katial, a known advocate of Web3 Technology, praised Cultos Global’s efforts. He underscored the company’s ability to balance end-user privacy with effective brand engagement tools, predicting a significant role for the firm in the evolution of customer loyalty mechanisms through Web3 technology.

In conclusion, Cultos Global’s recent funding round marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. With its unique approach to customer engagement and loyalty, the crypto education platform is poised to make a significant impact in the Web3 space. As more brands begin to understand how to make a crypto investment blockchain work for them, Cultos Global’s platform could become an invaluable tool in their digital marketing arsenal.

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