Cryptocurrency Exchange GIE Launches Flagship Mobile App, Pledging Revenue-Based Non Profit Donations

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The Global Investment Crypto Exchange (GIE) is building a global community of conscious consumers to set a new standard for philanthropy in business and crypto

LOUISVILLE, KY –– SEPTEMBER TKTK , 2023 –– Cryptocurrency exchange platform GIE (Global Investment Crypto Exchange) has launched its maiden product, the GIE mobile app, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform with a mission rooted in education, responsible cryptocurrency investing, and philanthropy. Designed as a platform for crypto newcomers and veterans alike, GIE’s exchange platform provides educational resources to users, while also donating a percentage of monthly revenues to pre-approved non-profit partner organizations.

GIE’s newly-released exchange operates on a decentralized, non-custodial wallet, in order to emphasize safety, security, and control at every touchpoint. Unlike custodial wallets that operate on a centralized platform, the GIE exchange never takes custody of a member’s assets, private keys, or seed phrases, leaving the GIE member solely responsible for the security of their own funds. GIE members have full control over their crypto holdings and the accessibility of their account, which is a common concern amongst the crypto community.

“GIE is first and foremost a community, and designing a model that ensures a consistent and collaborative contribution to global impact was our priority in bringing that vision to life,” said Octavio Gallego, CEO and founder of GIE. “We donate a percentage of every single in-app transaction to one of our pre-approved non profit partners, and our members have a direct say in the causes and organizations that receive that support. Imagine the impact if we succeed in inspiring other leaders to infuse philanthropy into their business, and consumers to be selective in engaging with companies that do so.”

As part of their mission to spark a wave of conscious consumers who choose to do business with organizations that give back to the community and the planet, GIE is donating a percentage of each transaction to pre-approved non-profit partners. GIE’s philanthropic efforts are also community-driven; GIE investors may nominate new nonprofit partners for consideration, and are given a chance to vote on which nonprofits receive the largest donation every time they make a transaction. To ensure the greatest impact, GIE only partners with nonprofit organizations that have been thoroughly vetted and have received a four-star rating on behalf of Charity Navigator. GIE members can donate through the app as well.

GIE’s flagship app launches with an extensive set of educational materials, which make the cryptocurrency investing and exchange processes as simple and user-friendly as possible. The app includes a growing library of tutorials and videos, as well as an A-to-Z crypto glossary, and an in-app web browser, designed to provide a seamless educational experience for crypto newcomers and enthusiasts alike. Users will interact with an innovative AI, Crypkey, that facilitates navigation through learning, investing, and donating digital tokens.

Further developments to the GIE platform are planned for the year ahead. Following its inaugural launch, GIE plans to release its own token, exclusive to GIE members. Initially we will offer the app in English and Spanish as time goes on we will incorporate other languages as well to promote inclusivity and accessibility to all.

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