CoinMarketCap Launches CMC Labs to Boost Web3 Startups

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CoinMarketCap (CMC), a premier platform for cryptocurrency market data and analysis, recently announced the launch of CMC Labs. This year-long startup accelerator program is designed to nurture and support the upcoming generation of Web3 entrepreneurs. This announcement was made on November 8th, 2023, in Dover, United States.

Web3 represents a new business era that is teeming with untapped potential. It is the decentralized internet that promises to revolutionize traditional sectors with innovative features such as blockchain-based smart contracts, peer-to-peer transactions, and improved control over personal data.

However, being a Web3 entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges. The technical landscape is complex, user adoption is a tough nut to crack, and issues related to scalability and interoperability are common. To succeed in this space, entrepreneurs need to be innovative, adaptable, and have a thorough understanding of the industry.

This is where CMC Labs steps in, providing founders with unparalleled access to CoinMarketCap’s unmatched crypto market intelligence, expertise, and vast audience of crypto enthusiasts worldwide. The program will equip participants with strategic insights from the world’s most comprehensive crypto database, which includes over 26K+ listed coins/tokens, 2M+ tracked cryptocurrencies, and 650+ exchanges.

In addition to this, startups participating in the CMC Labs accelerator program will benefit from increased visibility to fuel growth through:

• Learn & Earn – Evergreen education campaigns that reward users with tokens for learning about new projects.
• Airdrops – Campaigns that encourage users to follow a project’s CMC Watchlists and CMC Community profiles.
• Deep Dive Articles & Videos – Professionally crafted research content and video explainers published and promoted by CoinMarketCap.

To further enhance the growth package, CMC Labs has partnered with leading protocols such as BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, LayerZero, Galxe, GSR, Injective, and others. These partners will offer additional technical guidance, networking connections, and potential investment opportunities.

CoinMarketCap CEO, Rush, said, “Innovation is at the core of CoinMarketCap. With CMC Labs, we aim to accelerate the crypto revolution and demonstrate our commitment to the next generation of Web3 entrepreneurs. By uniting the most ambitious Web3 founders with CoinMarketCap’s unparalleled industry knowledge, we hope to help build businesses that will shape the future of the blockchain landscape.”

CMC Labs is a highly selective program with a limited number of participants. Founders interested in applying can learn more about the application process criteria on the website and submit their applications through the provided form.

CoinMarketCap, often referred to as the ‘Home Of Crypto,’ is the world’s most trusted authority on cryptocurrency data. Its mission is to speed up the crypto revolution by organizing the world’s crypto intelligence and making it easily accessible to all. Whether you are looking to make a Crypto Investment blockchain or download a digital wallet, CoinMarketCap provides a comprehensive Crypto education platform for all your needs. For those based in the United States, there’s no better Crypto Exchange service United States can offer.

CMC Labs is a significant step towards achieving this mission and fostering the growth of Web3 entrepreneurs. It represents an exciting opportunity for startups to leverage CoinMarketCap’s industry knowledge and resources to navigate the complex world of Web3 and build successful businesses.

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