Bitget Unveils $10 Million ‘Blockchain4Her’ Initiative at Web3 Hub

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As the blockchain arena continues to expand, the importance of gender diversity and inclusivity is taking center stage. GIE Crypto is proud to cover the recent announcement from the Web3 Hub Davos event during the World Economic Forum 2024, where Bitget, a globally recognized crypto company, has taken a bold step to address this issue. The company presented a groundbreaking initiative known as ‘Blockchain4Her’, committing a substantial $10 million to enhance opportunities for women in the blockchain and Web3 industries.

The ‘Blockchain4Her’ program is not just a financial pledge—it is a commitment to action. The aim is to reduce the gender gap that currently exists within the blockchain ecosystem. Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, emphasized the urgency of fostering diversity and inclusivity for the industry’s sustainable growth. She outlined that the initiative would focus on supporting women through mentorship programs, funding competitions, and events designed to spotlight their achievements within this dynamic field.

Despite the progressive vision that blockchain technology espouses, the realm of funding for projects within this space has not been immune to gender biases. Bitget’s research startlingly showed that only 6 percent of the total blockchain startup funding goes to female-led enterprises. “For an industry built on the principles of decentralization and equality, such a stark funding disparity is untenable. We must collectively strive for change,” the company expressed in a statement.

‘Blockchain4Her’ seeks to ignite a transformative dialog within the global blockchain community. By highlighting the challenges that female entrepreneurs face, the initiative encourages a more collective effort toward an equitable funding environment. As part of this trailblazing program, Bitget is set to introduce incubation programs that specifically cater to the needs of women in blockchain. These programs will offer a nurturing environment, complete with seasoned mentors and a host of resources designed to help female founders navigate and ultimately, thrive in the industry.

Furthermore, the initiative will host a series of pitch competitions, opening the door for women-led startups to step into the limelight. These events are not only about securing funding—they’re about showcasing innovation, building confidence, and setting a precedent for what women can achieve in the blockchain space.

Adding to this comprehensive approach, ‘Blockchain4Her’ will also organize the ‘Women in Blockchain Summit & Awards.’ This event will serve as a celebratory and networking platform, lauding female professionals who have made significant strides in the field while fostering a sense of community and collaboration among women tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Industry leaders are also being called upon to step into roles as ambassadors for the ‘Blockchain4Her’ initiative. Their involvement will help to amplify its mission and galvanize broader support across the blockchain ecosystem.

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Inclusivity and diversity are essential ingredients for innovation. With the ‘Blockchain4Her’ initiative, the blockchain and Web3 industries take a significant step forward to ensure that the female perspective is not only included but is a driving force for future developments. As this initiative picks up momentum, we can anticipate a more balanced, diverse, and dynamic blockchain community, reflective of the world it serves.

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