Aventus Partners with Vodafone DAB, Revolutionizing Blockchain-Based Event Ticketing

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Aventus, a Polkadot parachain led by CEO and founder Alan Vey, has been making significant strides in the blockchain ticketing sector. The platform, which describes itself as an “enterprise-grade Layer 2 blockchain,” combines the scalability of a permissioned blockchain with the security and interoperability of public blockchains. Aventus has been at the forefront of numerous high-profile collaborations, including a recent partnership with Vodafone’s “Economy of Things” Digital Asset Broker (DAB), Polkadot for the 10th-anniversary NFT release of the film “Wolf of Wall Street”, and others.

Vey, who has been instrumental in forging these partnerships, highlighted the significance of the collaboration with Vodafone in a LinkedIn post, stating, “This partnership between Aventus and Vodafone is a brilliant example of real-world applications of blockchain that bring tangible benefits to businesses and end users.” Vey is slated to shed more light on these partnerships at Benzinga’s Future of Digital Assets event.

Founded by Vey and Annika Monari, Aventus was envisioned as an open platform encompassing NFTs, video games, loyalty programs, event ticketing, supply chain provenance, and cargo management. The idea for the network was born in 2015 while the duo was studying at Imperial College, London. In 2019, Aventus took a major step towards making the ticketing industry more transparent and secure by making its protocol fully open-source.

“Combining Blockchain, IoT, and Web3 has the potential to overhaul the way businesses operate and interact with their customers, bringing huge efficiencies and benefits. Those willing to understand and leverage it today have the unique opportunity to shape tomorrow’s digital landscape,” Vey said.

The partnership between Aventus Network and Vodafone DAB has resulted in a bridge that connects to the broader blockchain ecosystem through the Polkadot platform. This enables users to interoperate cross-chain using the DAB IoT identity passport, facilitating the exchange of data and money between ecosystems. One application of this technology is an electric vehicle that can communicate and transact with its charging station.

Vey and Monari have received recognition for their pioneering work in blockchain-powered event ticketing, being named among Forbes Europe’s “30 Under 30 – Technology”. According to a 2023 report from Mordor Intelligence, the online event ticketing market is projected to grow from $77.49 billion in 2023 to $97.36 billion by 2028.

Alan Vey is undoubtedly a figure to watch in the Web3 landscape. Aventus is focused on real use cases aimed at serving a global audience with Web3 solutions. Their significant partnerships with industry giants like Polkadot, Vodafone, and various entertainment entities enable them to offer new experiences for fans, attracting more people to the Web3 space.

A key strategy in onboarding more users into Web3 is leading with entertainment and IoT to reach a broad audience. By making their ticketing platform open source, Aventus can help address the issue of ticketing on blockchain for other projects. Vey’s forward-thinking approach to partnership implementations with global leaders in and outside of the blockchain space and entertainment experiences that attract users, positions him as a leading figure in the Web3 space in 2023.

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