Animoca Brands, LightLink Partner to Boost Web3 Gaming Experience

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In a groundbreaking move designed to transform the Web3 gaming world, Animoca Brands has forged a strategic alliance with LightLink, a cutting-edge Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain technology. This forward-thinking partnership, announced on Tuesday, is aimed at revolutionizing gaming experiences by introducing gasless on-chain transactions, a move that stands to substantially reduce the friction and complexity often associated with blockchain interactions.

By leveraging LightLink’s innovative Ethereum Layer 2 technology, select projects within Animoca Brands’ extensive portfolio are set to benefit from enhanced integration. Additionally, Animoca Brands will lend its expertise to LightLink by providing guidance on token economics and go-to-market strategies, positioning both entities at the forefront of Web3 innovations.

A key aspect of LightLink’s appeal is its subscription-based model which allows businesses to offer their applications gas-free. This means that participants can engage fully in the public blockchain without the need for token ownership or the burden of handling the typical gas fees. This partnership is a game-changer for Animoca Brands’ projects and partner companies, as it promises to deliver a superior and hassle-free Web3 user experience.

The design of LightLink boasts features such as the ability to issue non-fungible token (NFT) tickets without requiring a native token and enabling smooth transfers of gaming assets sans the usual gas fees. Such attributes promise to streamline the Web3 development journey, much to the delight of developers and end-users alike.

Boasting over 25 partnerships, including collaborations with Grapes and The Red Village, LightLink has also been integrated into Translucia—a notable US$300 million collaboration by MQDC and T&B Media Global and an enterprise under the renowned Asian C.P. Group family business.

The ambitions of Animoca Brands and LightLink extend to the creation of a robust interlinked economic landscape by connecting decentralized applications (dApps) with potentially millions of users coming from their enterprise partners—paving the way for enhanced mainstream blockchain adoption.

Roy Hui, the Co-Founder, and CEO of LightLink, has expressed enthusiasm over the partnership, saying, “It is great to partner with industry leader Animoca Brands, making blockchain more accessible and user-friendly to everyone around the world. This partnership marks a pivotal step in integrating blockchain into the daily lives of millions.”

Meanwhile, Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, commented on the existing collaboration with LightLink on projects such as Grapes and The Red Village. He stated that this partnership is envisioned to propel them toward a seamless Web3 ecosystem. “LightLink’s gasless transactions can help broaden adoption, aligning with our vision to decentralize the digital landscape and make blockchain benefits universally accessible,” Siu added.

LightLink separates itself from the competition with its utilization of optimistic rollups coupled with its unique tech stack, boosting transaction capabilities to levels far exceeding Ethereum’s current capacity. This not only means scalability is dramatically enhanced but also ensures a frictionless user experience. LightLink’s advanced Enterprise Mode allows businesses to interact with blockchain technology without the complexity of transaction fees, entry barriers, or tokens—transforming the user experience to match the familiar ease of Web2.

Animoca Brands is best known for pioneering blockchain to award digital property rights across the globe, significant in crafting the open metaverse. With various subsidiaries and a prolific portfolio, including popular games like The Sandbox and PHANTOM GALAXIES™ along with a strong presence in Web3 investment, Animoca Brands continues to shape the digital world.

With an eye on the future, this strategic partnership is poised to educate and empower users through powerful Web3 experiences, aiding them in understanding how to make a Crypto Investment blockchain or providing a standard-setting Crypto Exchange service in the United States. As blockchain technology evolves, the Crypto app in the USA and worldwide is set to benefit from these unparalleled advancements, marking a notable progression in making the blockchain accessible for all.

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